COVID-19: Worst Coronavirus Affected Places By States In Nigeria (Updated)

Confirmed cases of Coronavirus pandemic is increasing rapidly across all African countries. The Federal Ministry of health confirmed the first case of COVID-19 on 27th February 2020. This was brought to the country by an Italian who works in Nigeria and returned to the country from Milan Italy.

Throughout February and March, Nigeria recorded only a few confirmed cases of Coronavirus. As at that time, the virus was only confirmed in three states which are; Lagos State, Ogun State and Abuja (the federal capital territory FCT).

Currently, the virus have spread to almost all states in the country with the Eastern and part of Southern states least affected.

Lagos State have the highest number of confirmed Coronavirus cases. Meanwhile, Kano state will likely surpass Lagos states in number of confirmed cases if the daily rise in number of new cases in Kano state is not controlled


To keep you updated with the latest happenings in Coronavirus in Nigeria, we are going to show you the worst Coronavirus Affected states in Nigeria and the least affected states.

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Top Coronavirus Affected States In Nigeria — Cities & Town

Let’s now show you some of the states (places) in Nigeria with highest records of confirmed COVID-19 disease in Nigeria.

As we know, one state will not lead in number of cases forever. Numbers are changing daily and we will continue to update this post to show you worst hit states

For your health safety, stay at home and avoid traveling to states with more number of COVID-19 patients

  1. Lagos State
  2. Kano state
  3. Federal capital territory FCT Abuja
  4. Borno State
  5. Gombe State
  6. Katsina State
  7. Ogun State
  8. Kaduna State
  9. Sokoto State
  10. Bauchi State
  11. Edo State
  12. Oyo State
  13. Zamfara State
  14. Jigawa State
  15. Osun State
  16. Kebbi State
  17. Delta State
  18. Akwa Ibom State
  19. Kwara State
  20. Adamawa State
  21. Taraba State
  22. Rivers State
  23. Ondo State
  24. Yobe State
  25. Ekiti State
  26. Nasarawa State

Confirmed cases in the remaining states are less than 10. We will continue to update you as number of cases decrease or increase. Kindly BOOKMARK this page and visit often for latest news and updates on number of Coronavirus cases in Nigeria

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