How Schools Will Reopen In Nigeria After COVID-19 Pandemic

The federal Ministry Of Education ordered the closure of all schools starting from Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions to control the spread of COVID-19 disease. Many students, teachers and lecturers are eager to know necessary measures the federal government is taking to make sure that schools are safe to reopen again

For sure, no one knows how long this lockdown will last. Some even believe it will take couple months or even a whole year for school to reopen again in Nigeria. Meanwhile, Federal Government promised to decontaminate all institutions before students will go back to school again

Moreover, some institutions especially Polytechnics and Universities are gradually moving to virtual learning and online test / exams. This is to slow down the rate at which the Coronavirus is affecting education sector

Up till now, school resumption date is still unknown and many students are worried!.

This article will briefly tell you what to expect as schools reopen again for academic and Non-academic activities. Because of this, you need to prepare yourself as only candidates who follow the resumption guidelines will be allow into school premises

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As said earlier, the federal government promised to make school environment and classrooms safe and disease free before they announce new starting date for schools

We urge everyone to stay calm while we wait for government to announce dates for school resumption

Possible Guidelines On How Schools Will Reopen In Nigeria

They following measures may be put in place when schools resume again in Nigeria

  • It is likely that face masks will be made compulsory
  • There may be regular temperature check
  • Schools are likely going to avoid overcrowded lecture classes
  • Students may be encouraged to embrace online class / lectures

We are waiting for the federal government to announce how schools will reopen in Nigeria so we will update it here

What To Do Now?

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8 thoughts on “How Schools Will Reopen In Nigeria After COVID-19 Pandemic”

  1. Comment:please government on behalf of all student we beg u we are tried of staying at home pls we beg u dont let our brain get dull we will be so amazed if u heard our cry,am not to covince you or confuse you please

  2. The reality of this school resumption is needed by students we have been at home for long but that not withstanding we need the real information about the school reopening let us know what we are doing we are tired of staying at home

  3. So we are not going to resume yet
    Let the federal Government see to all this please those of us that just gained admission into the higher institution are anxious because of the accommodation wasting in school please this country has to be up and doing??

  4. In as much as we students are worried and anxious to the resumption of schools,.. none of us wants an unsafe learning environment as well,.. we urge the FG to do what is expected of them as soon as possible.
    Maybe we can test herbal cure,. No harm in trying you know!!!
    I pray for Nigeria, this will all be a story to tell someday,. soonest.IJN Amen ??

  5. So we don’t know when we are going to resume in school now
    Because I don’t understand what some people is saying ?
    For me now if we don’t want to resume then let government provide us food to eat nai and we even have lookd

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