How To Print Original JAMB Result 2020

How To Print Original JAMB Result.

All candidates who wrote the 2020/2021 JAMB exam do not need to worry about how to print it.

Printing of original JAMB result is very easy and even cheaper. Gone are those days when people will extort money from you in the name of printing your JAMB result.

Sometimes, some people can collect 3times the normal payment for printing original jamb result. Some will even print coloured copy of your jamb result without the passport photograph. As a result, this makes students hesitate to print out their jamb result. Nevertheless, you would not have to worry about this anymore.

Hence, this article has been made to make the process easier for you in the convenience of your home and as well cheaper.

By following the steps in this article, you would be able to do your printing by yourself.

How to print Original JAMB result by yourself.

  1. Firstly, you have to log into JAMB website @
  2. Create an account in the website if you are new user, but if you already have an account, simply type in your login details. If you do not know how to create an account or how to sign up, read till the end of this article to do that.
  3. Simultaneously, use your email address and password to log in.
  4. Immediately you log in, you would see a page with many other options right in front of you.
  5. Click the “print jamb result” option by the left hand side of the screen.
  6. You would be asked to make a payment to continue the process. This payment is N1000 and is paid directly to jamb portal.
  7. Click on make payment option to continue. Subsequently, choose a payment method to pay with, preferably, you can choose to use your ATM card and pay online.
  8. After making the payment, your transaction ID would be saved and sent to the email you provided.
  9. Now, you would be asked to enter your year of examination and JAMB registration number.
  10. Immediately after typing the correct informations above, your original JAMB result without passport photograph will be displayed.
  11. Proceed to printing it out by clicking “print”. If you have a printer, you can print this by connecting it to your printer. Else, save the document on your device and take it to the cyber café or where it would be printed.
  • Save this document to your email so that you would be able to print from your email whenever you want to.

How to create an account in JAMB portal

Create an account and your login password by simply

  • Typing your valid email address
  • Input your surname, first name, phone number, local government and state of origin.
  • Choose a password that would be easy for you to remember and fill it in.

Oh yes!  You have finally known how to do this yourself, congratulations!

Ask any questions you might have incase of a confusion and it would be attended to.

Kindly share this vital information to those who might need it.  Thank you.

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