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Has MBA Forex crashed?. Is MBA Forex a scam? Is MBA real? Is MBA Forex real?. How can I recover my money from MBA Forex. Let us see if MBA forex trading have finally closed or not.

Top MBA Forex News January 2021

  1. MBA refused to open their office because of security reasons. MBA said that some investors are threatening their workers so they will not open for now.
  2. MBA yet to fulfil their promise after they said they will pay capital
  3. MBA forex will not longer pay ROI

We have latest news and updates on MBA Forex trading. Most investors are still wondering if MBA Forex has officially crashed or will be back.

After reading this article, you will understand what is really going on with MBA Forex trading.

First, be informed that MBA is yet to give official statement concerning rumors about their crash. MBA just like any other ponzi scheme cannot last forever.

Most ponzi schemes advise their investors to invest with spare money but MBA Forex trading assured their customers that it is not a Ponzi scheme and will never crash.

Now I’m wondering why the recently closed their offices nationwide. Is it because of Christmas break or they have really crashed?.

What will happen to their thousands of investors. Would they sue them to court since it is officially registered?.

Let’s see what happens next. Most investors will never trust any online investment if MBA Forex have finally crashed. See latest happenings on MBA Forex today.

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About MBA Forex Trading

Before we continue, let us give you a brief meaning of MBA Forex trading as they claimed to be.

MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited is a world class Forex Training and Capital Investment Company, established with the vision of impacting the general populace with the knowledge of trading Forex and creating platforms that will bring about sustainable financial freedom.

With over 10 thousand active investors, more than 10 business locations in Nigeria and our new offices in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United Kingdom (UK), we are determined to provide an all-encompassing investment service to our clients that accommodate their various needs.

MBA Forex Crash Rumour 2021

After extensive research, we discovered that MBA stopped paying their investors since December 2020. Although, they sent messages to their investors saying they shouldn’t worry and will reopen from January 6th 2021.

Many investors have planned how they will spend their December interest or profits but MBA failed to pay them.

This is just similar to MMM Ponzi scheme. Remember that MMM crashed during December period and also promised to pay.

My advice for all investors is to contact their account manager for reliable information. Your account manager is the easiest person you can get first hand information on MBA Forex trading.

Is it Possible to Recover my Money from MBA Forex Trading?

If you presently invested in MBA and yet to receive your monthly profits then bookmark this page and visit often for latest happenings.

We will continue to give you news and updates on MBA Forex Trading as we monitor the situation.

Kindly visit this page often for MBA Forex trading news updates 2021.

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39 thoughts on “Has MBA Forex Crashed? | Check Latest News Today”

  1. It is worrisome. The management of MBA should please tell us what we need to hear. If you have defrauded Nigerians, you know the answer already.

  2. Why has MBA not started to refund the investment capitals to their investors up till now despite having promised to do so since January 6? I think they should continually update their customer to douse tensions. This continued silence does not help in any way…

  3. EVERYTHING ABOUT MBA NOW IS STAGE-MANAGED. The MBA you know has crashed and cannot pay back our capital.. MBA has our account numbers. Why should they call for verification. Why don’t they return our capital the same way they payed our ROI. This is Nigeria for you. Only prayer can solve this problem.

  4. I am first investors I invested to enable me pay my house rest and pay my sister’s should feels pls mba am beging u pay my capital nothing more. I hv unload all u ask me to do up still now nothing has be done.

  5. This is Nigeria for you; investors are praying for MBA. Plz keep us updated to reduce tension, especially on the persived court case.

    1. Hmmm… you get ear at all? We wey invest never survive the shock and you still want to invest.

  6. Please am a first time investor I need my capital back.. invested that money to save it up for something important. Have uploaded all the required documents they asked for and got a message from them that an investor have been verified, though it was showing error but later got that message. I hopefully believe it has been uploaded but if not someone should please guide me on further thing to do. MBA please refund me my capital.

  7. MBA promised in December 2020 to start paying back our capitals in January 2021. This is yet to happen. What’s going on?

  8. Please, I have sent a message to MBA forex, they should tell me how to upload what they asking for, please my fellow investors should I go to Cyber cafe to upload it,I need my money back. Please some one should tell on how to go about it, and the website that I will send it after uploading.

  9. I am a first time investor. I invested to enable me pay my autistic son’s school fees. Please MBA should kindly try and refund my principal

  10. MBA Said the company will start paying back capital invested to there company back to the investors and there will be no ROI again, this January and we were ask offline investors should upload there statement of account, national Id card and NEPA bill on, online.am still waiting to hear from your company as i have upload my documents on line,

    1. Please how were you able to achieve your offline verification ?
      I have uploaded all the necessary documents they asked for but my verification is not successful yet

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