Study Abroad With The Melbourne School Of Engineering Scholarship Program 2020/2021 For International Masters Students In Australia. 

The Melbourne School of engineering uses this medium to announce that the scholarship program for 2020/2021 is finally going on. Therefore, qualified Masters students should seize this opportunity to earn the award.

However, this scholarship is a merit scholarship. In other words, the lucky persons who would get this scholarship will be based on educational qualification.

About Melbourne School Of Engineering Scholarship, 2020/2021

Melbourne school of engineering scholarship program is a scholarship program set to sponsor very serious students through their masters degree.  However, this scholarship is awarded based on academic performance and it is strictly on merit.

Meanwhile, students do not need to apply for this scholarship but you will see the eligibility and shortlisting criteria below in this article.

Scholarship Type 

The Melbourne school of engineering scholarship is for masters degree students only. Therefore, only students who are willing to do their masters degree program in the said university are eligible for this scholarship.


This scholarship scheme is based in Australia. However international students can still get awarded with the scholarship.

Read through this article to see who can get awarded with this scholarship and eligibility.

Scholarship Worth & Benefit

The scholarship scheme covers half the payment of the normal school fees and tuition fee for the period of study of the student. Meanwhile, this period is usually a maximum of two years.

Eligibility / Shortlisting Criteria 


Citizens of Australia are eligible for this scholarship

Also, Domestic students can also gained this scholarship award. That is, students who school within Australia or study in the said university.

Furthermore, International students are also given the opportunity to gain this scholarship award.

Shortlisting Criteria / Method Of Selection

Students will be selected based on merit. This means that, only students who have a splendid academic perform, probably in their previous institutions will be awarded.

Application Method Into Melbourne School Of Engineering

Like earlier stated, students do not need to apply for this scholarship rather, you can apply for your Masters degree in the university.

By so doing, you stand a chance to be selected based in your previous academic performance.

Application Deadline For Melbourne School Of Engineering Scholarship 

The deadline for applying for this scholarship is on the 30th of December, 2020. Therefore, once this date is passed there would be no more screening and the opportunity to be chosen will be lost.

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