– Npower Validation Portal Login – Is the official portal to login and complete the NPower validation registration form. Kindly read below to see how to easily fill out the form online

You are to complete the online form below the deadline. However, it is likely that there is no business center or cyber cafe in your area to help you due to the national lockdown

The process is very easy and you can do this with any internet configured phone or computer

Npower called upon all volunteers to check their email inbox and click on the link to begin the registration process

How About Those That Did Not Receive Any Email From Npower?

We are aware that some of you did not receive the email or may have forgotten their email login details (username and password).

All you need to do is visit the official Npower (FMARD) portal to start the online validation of information and survey.

The link is given below.

How To Register For Npower Validation Exercise — Npower Agro (N-Agro)

To begin the process online, kindly connect your phone to internet and login the validation portal

The portal is here — Npower Validation Registration 

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42 thoughts on “ – Npower Validation Portal Login”

  1. Comment:I have been tring to register as agent in this programe, but it was done. Pls. What can i do? Thanks.

  2. I have registered my npower fmrdplace,but uphill now nothing to show in my email as for my test.

    1. I had registered mine but I didn’t see any space to fill the word i came from but am from ORogun word two

  3. Please is this registration/validation for only NAgro beneficiaries or for all N power beneficiaries.

  4. I did not received the email sent to volunteers. But in any case i have completed my online form. Kindly send me the link to take the test.

    1. I did my registration successfully but there was no link to log in. How do I log in to continue?

  5. Please admin how do I resolve success invalid login attempt? Also, there is no option for login

  6. Please i have been trying to register and do my validation but due to the pandemic i got the information late. Have they close? How do i go about? Answer me adm.

  7. good day admin., i have been looking at the page to fill the form but i couldn’t get the exact column to click on, please guide me…

  8. What will happen to those that have filled the online form early before they later added a column for BVN and Npower registered phone number? And when we logged in again to refill the column, is showing email has already been taken? Will there be a problem or not?

  9. @ admin. Concerning filling the form, I have tried it several times but it saying “email has been taken already” . What should I do next?

  10. Pls if u have not fill any npower form will u be able to fill this Npower agro agent register. Pls I need answer

      1. Good now.
        Pls. I did my registration/validation successfully but there is no provision/link for log in. How to go about it?

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