What Is NPF Salary Structure | What Are The Ranks In NPA? | See The Salary Structure & Different Ranks In NPA.

A lot of people want to enroll or get recruited into the Nigerian Police Force but do not know the salary range or the authority structure of the force. I believe you logged into this page because you want to find out the salary and command structure of the Nigerian Police force.

In this article, prospective applicants as well as interested persons will know the following;

  • NPF Salary Structure
  • NPF Rank Structure
  • Also, the different structures (that is, command / authority structure, administrative structure and organisation structure).


Not all officers in the police force earn thesame salary because your salary increases just as your rank increases. Therefore, the salary is based on the ranking structure.

Kindly read through to see the full details of NPF salary structure and ranking system.

NPF Salary Structure Per Month

  • Constable — about N46000
  • Corporal — Earns up to N52000 – N53000
  • Sergeant — N62,000
  • Confirmed 1 bar — N78,000
  • Confirmed inspector — N123,000
  • One star assistant superintendent of police (ASP) — earns about  N124000
  • Confirmed ASP — this category earns up to about N139,000
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police — Receives about N142,000 – N143,000.

Now that you have known this, let us now see the different ranks which can be categorised into three (3) different structures.

NPF Ranking Structure

NPF Ranking Structure shows the different divisions of the Nigerian Police based in rank and level/area of operation.

In regards to that, the structures are as follows;

  1. The Command / Authority Structure
  2. Secondly, the Administrative Structure 
  3. Finally, the organisation structure.

The Command/Authority Structure

This denotes the hierachy of command or authority. It is a ladder that shown how orders are taken based on different levels of operation.

The command is as follows (in a descending order, that is, from the highest command to the least)

  • Inspector General of police
  • Deputy inspector General of police
  • Assistant inspector General of police
  • Commissioner of police
  • Deputy commissioner of police
  • Assistant commissioner of police
  • Chief Superintendent of Police
  • Superintendent of Police
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • Assistant superintendent of police.
  • Inspector of police
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Lance Corporal
  • Finally, the Constable.

Administrative Structure

This structure is categorised into seven departments based on different duties. Though, these duties can be interwoven. Meaning, anyone can discharge the duty on legal grounds in the absence of the other or when necessary.

The seven departments are as follows;

  • Administration department.
  • Operation department
  • Logistics and supply department
  • Also, investigation and intelligence department
  • Training and command department.
  • F Department
  • And finally, the ICT department or G department.

Organizational Structure

The organizational Structure shows the different arrangement of zones in the Nigeria Police force. They are as follows;

  • Force Headquarters
  • Zone headquarters
  • State command head quarters
  • Divisional police headquarters
  • Police station
  • Police post
  • Village police post.

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With the well arranged structures, the security of lives and properties of even the grassroot is well covered.

Wow! Did you know all these before? Now you know. Kindly share this post so that other interested persons can learn too and be informed.

Meanwhile, your questions and answers are welcomed in the comment section below. Also, you can visit NPF official portal @ www.npf.gov.ng

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