1. I’ve been trying to log in to my portal but the site is telling me dat d credentials is incorrect so I clicked on forgot password and email to reset password has not been set to my email for d past week pls help me

  2. I have try all the possible way to login for the past 3days now but couldn’t login, please help out thanks.

  3. Pls i want to know how to login into the portal? If i click on the link,it will take me back to the normal page. I have been trying for over 3days now,but can’t get through,pls i need assistance to login into the portal..thank you

  4. i have been trying to register but not going through those that did thire own do you do it so that i will know wwhat to do.

  5. I have been trying to login to the portal for the past three days,but it’s not opening.Please what step can I take? Thanks

  6. Please I have not been able to reach the npower portal for me to register my email address and phone number please tell me what to do

  7. Please was trying to registered but the said applicant already exit on this portal but there was confirmation messages sending to me, even to login is difficult

  8. is only god will help me for this N POWER 2020,because this is not the first time that am applying this NPOWER,since batch A,B and C now but the problem now their network is not open again,i have been trying it since the time they started this program for this year till now their network couldnt allow me.what is needed for that year i have given to them but i don,t know why.

  9. Please o when exactly will this site open because I’ve been trying since 12am till now or is there any other link? Please help me ooo

  10. From all indication the site have not been open as promised everybody is complaining the same thing.. npower should have the power to control this.

  11. l am by name Victor kefas Ali.l give God the glory,in new npower program.. may God help, in Jesus name amen and amen.i love ths program my dear Nigeria,i need npower teacher because I love teaching line,in my heart.by senifa.

    • God will bless you so much.for this situation, that Nigeria are in now.wth gives God glory, for everything . May this npower teacher program,to bless, all . new npower teacher because I love teaching line.in my heart. thanks.i by name victor.kefas.

  12. Npower pls batch c recruitment portal is not responding, kindly send us possible link for registration an u said there will be traffic wen d application starts d site is not responding at all, thanks.


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