Wazobia.Cash Investment Login & Registration | Is It Still Paying?

Is wazobia cash still paying? Is wazobia cash still paying?.Today, you will learn more about the trending Wazobia Cash Investment you can do online. Users can easily register and login to their dashboard by visiting www.wazobia.cash.

This post will help you know more about this platform and how it works. Wazobia Investment is the fastest paying online platform you can join today.

Wazobia.Cash investment review will help you know if it is something you can do or not.  However, they have proven their legitimacy by making their customers get what they want.


We will show you how this platform works and the benefits. If you know the guidelines, then it will be very easy to do. We have also written about Wazobia Cash frequently asked questions.

How Does Wazobia Cash Investment Work?

This is the first question every business minded person will ask. Users receive 50 percent of their first payment in 3 days.

Sounds interesting. But before you start, you must register online and pay activation fee of one thousand naira only (N1000). Wazobia cash investment started some months ago and upgraded to a new website. People are still asking if they are still paying or not. I believe you should ask this question to people doing it.

The stages involves different levels. You can also decide to join Wazobia VIP cash.

More information are available on Wazobia Cash investment site.

Important Notice: We recommend you contact us through WhatsApp for best support and tips from us if you are new to Wazobia Cash Investment. We will give you the best guidelines.

After registration, you can login to the portal anytime to monitor your package. Wazobia Cash investment will last long with members commitment.

Important Things To Note About Wazobia Investment

  • It is an online platform that will help you earn money after making deposit
  • It is not online work from home jobs
  • It is not a federal or state job
  • Every business / investment has its own risk
  • Make sure you visit the real website

How To Register / Join

You need a smart phone, tablet or laptop computer to access the online site. If you are on the page, click on register to fill the application form.

After filling it, you will activate your account by making payments.

How To Login / Sign In

Make sure you visit the real Wazobia Cash investment page when you want to login.

To login to your account, provide your username and password then click sign in.

Moreover, you can use the forgot password option to rest or get a new password.

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Wazobia Cash Review

It is important to read the review to see what people are talking about it. You can read the review on Facebook, Twitter or even WhatsApp group page.

WhatsApp Group / Telegram Group

Do you want to meet other members and share your experience, review and advise?. If yes follow the link below to join a WhatsApp Group or Telegram Group I created to help you and keep you updated

Also, read the review when you want to download the app from playstore or app store.

Be wise!. this site is not promoting or advertising any ponzi or investment platform. Anyone who chose to invest in any unrecognized online platform does so at his/her own risk!.

We hope you’re enjoying Wazobia Investment idea. If yes, write your review by posting your comments below.

125 thoughts on “Wazobia.Cash Investment Login & Registration | Is It Still Paying?”

  1. Good morning pls have being unable to login my account after paying to whom I was merged with to pay to, nd the person haven’t confirmed me yet pls what is happening I need help

  2. I have been on wazobia since March 2020 and I have been paid all through. For anyone interested in registering…please feel free to contact me 08140756118.
    Thanks and God bless.

  3. Please for the past one week now wazobia have not assign user too pay me oooo i don’t no what too do now please help me out oooo

  4. Please wazobia investment, I have been invested twenty thousand naira in five places not knowing that it was not the right way. Since over two weeks now no one have assigned to pay me. And now wazobia cash investment still asking me to pay another twenty thousand naira to Bitcoin account which I don’t have and no any guidelines about that.please what should I do. My guider doesn’t pick my call anymore. Please I need your help. thanks

    1. Please for the past one week now wazobia have not assign user too pay me oooo i don’t no what too do now please help me out oooo

  5. Amiable admin, I have being waiting to be merged since 12th June 2020 that was the day i withdraw. Please kindly assist and merged me.

  6. For me i want to invest but from comment here seems to change my mind. Advice pls.

  7. Pls o help me. For the past one week now the system have not assigned anyone to pay me and my second investment is also due for draw. Pls help it seem as if am. just stagnant.

  8. Pls I made withdrawal since 13th of June and uptill now I have not been assigned to receive yet. I’ll appreciate if you can help me out.

  9. Pls I need help, I don’t know why am unable to login my account again. Pls what should I do pls

  10. Please is up to a week now ND my account is yet to be verified for the past one week now
    ND I am to widraw today m so sad

  11. Part of the problem Wazobia is facing is over saturation, I will advise u to try Lendi network investment, it pays 55% of ur investment, and u can start with as little 5k. Bco they are just 7k subscribers u are merge to b paid or pay with 5mins.
    U can chat me up on WhatsApp 08100412178 for Registration

  12. Pls I have done my social media video since…. But know one to confirm it since
    Pls help me out so that I can withdrew pls

  13. My video links have not been verified since on Saturday june12th now its 16th..my 2 withdrawals still hanging…

  14. Admin it’s been 3 days now going to the fourth, pls verify my video na, which kind thing be this

  15. Please i have been on quee for the past 5days now. And i have not been merged to any user. I don’t know what is wrong. Please admin help me out with this. And on Saturday i surpose to received but up till now no user have been assigned to pay me. I will be greatfull if my request is granted. Thanks to wazobia cash

  16. Wazobia r d greatest of all
    Please ? guys b patience is because of d queues is much I just got my
    Thanks wazobia 4 life

  17. Please I have not been paid ,I was to withdraw yesterday, they’re saying that I should be patient for my video to be reviewed, how long

    1. I have beefing try to contact the customer care since yesterday which am unable and my account have be block and what will I do

  18. Please, I register a client , who clicked on d investment button and the system has not assign any client to invest in, since 4days now. What will I do? 08082229787

    1. Making a video is not compulsory.

      If u have any questions or need to make more enquiry about wazobia investment you can WhatsApp me on 09036426096

  19. Please I was supposed to withdraw since a day before yesterday and it is not opening and someone I referred new that has supposed to withdraw since 5 days it’s not going through the site is not opening please admin di something about it we have recommitted already

  20. what’s happening i suppose to get paid since yesterday but up to nw i see nth… what’s up?

  21. I suppose to withdraw 3days ago and I have reinvest up till now they haven’t merge me….Admin pls??

  22. Network is really distrubing me and I can’t connect with any of my account

  23. I hope the Wazobia network is gradually coming back to normal now? It’s all about patience.

    1. As if they’re still working on the site because after I make my short video since yesterday afternoon, I tried login but can’t access the site again till now. So let’s exercise patience.

  24. I was supposed to withdraw yesterday at 8:25am. But up till now I haven’t been merged. Pls someone should help out

  25. Please what is really going on, at least the admin should address us so that let us know where we are

      1. I’m having issue witdrawing since yesterday..they said I should put my Facebook and Instagram link for them to verify it

        1. Yes dear post ur video on Facebook and Instagram, copy the link open ur dashboard click on how to win scroll down u will see where to past it, dawn wait for verification

          1. OK. But must it be on both platforms? Can i make do with just Instagram link as i cant access my Facebook account?

  26. I register an account, get it activated but have not been able to invest on the account it keep saying I can’t make multiple pledges untill I have completed the payment of the first one and have not been able to invest at all.

  27. Please am supposed to withdraw today,but it’s not opening.am scared.please help.

  28. I have been assigned for those that will pay for past 4days………I don’t know what could be the problem………pls I need a help

    1. I registered and made payments with BTC since 23rd March 2020. I have made request for my first withdrawal over 17 days ago and up till this day nobody has been assigned for my payment.

  29. You are the fool for comparing mmm with wazobia cash and you will remain poor with your stupid mentality

  30. Pls someone shuld assist me here, av been on d queue to withdraw since 5 days me bt uptill no response. Pls watz going on

    1. Click on withdraw to be queue for payment or you can whatsapp me 08035603982 for assistance

      1. Pls help me I should have receive money the day before yeaterday and I haven’t

    1. Pls u guy I post my video testmone pls admin comfirm my video testmone so that I can cash my money pls 5days 2day

  31. I made a request to pay 15000 morning I kept on checking out on who to pay but all to no avail. My battery ran down. I kept. My phone and went out at night when I charged it. I woke up around 4.00clock to check on the sight. it happens they gave me two people to pay whish I did immediately but I wasn’t able to call and confirm my payment.b4 the site siezed to open
    I tried still no hope untill now
    And am to withdraw tomorrow

    1. Always ensure you call the receiver before effecting payment. Feel free to contact me for further assistance on 08035603982

  32. Am beginning to think dis people r really scammers… Even mmm didn’t have such bad network not till date.mayb our money is good again oh

  33. Am very angry someone is supposed to pay me till now his not complyiu. And network is not letting me log in to my account

  34. Good day I paid to an unknown user I’ve been calling the person to confirm his payment and since two hours now he has not confirm it and and I say log out trying to log in having an issue to login

  35. I was suppose to withdraw yesterday but am having issues accessing my account. please let something be done about it

  36. You all should try logging in with wazobiaking. Cash…..
    It will open…..
    The server is down

  37. Everybody should on. Two things are involved here, it is either a network problem or they just said their goodbye.

  38. Wit d way u guyz ar commenting diz days it beta for me to not register anymore

    1. Some of us can’t log in to confirm..ever since morning I can’t log in just to confirm one payment.. I’m tired already

  39. It’s either you are due for upgrade or you’ve not done your video. Call your guider.

  40. Hi, pls I can’t log into my account since yesterday and am expecting my payment pls help me.

  41. Please i cant log in and i need to comfirm people that paid and the have beenn calling since morning

    1. Pls help me with a valid customers care line, the one I saw on d web is not going through, I laid a complain in telegram group, admin blocked me. I mistakenly confirmed payment n I have not received payment today.

  42. Please the website is not opening and I need to confirm someone’s payment please do something about that please

  43. Please help me I can’t log in to my account… and am waiting for my payment

  44. Good morning all please I really want to know the levels in Wazobia cash investment and how much it takes to join the Wazobia VIP?

  45. Is it now paying?Have you guys now received your money cos am thinking of registering but am skeptical about it.Was up with the system now

    1. Is paying I have the same doubt initially until I decide to give a trial I was paid after three days I’m expecting my second payment on Monday

  46. Please help me my account has been on technical suspension for 3 day I can’t withdraw my investment I av recommitted I av tried all means to open the account but its not working

  47. Pls I cannot log in to my account after paying 1k registration and I have been merged to pay someone

    1. Hello am new here I did registration make payment but I have not received what is happening I can open it again is this a scam or what

  48. I have been trying to open it but network is very bad,pls what will i do.i need to pay today

  49. I hav trying to log in to pay those am assigned to pay but the page isn’t opening

  50. Pls I can’t do anything on the system, its not working,I need assistance so I can confirm a payment and also invest

  51. I register yesterday pay my 1000 since then have been trying to log in but to avail is not going or working

    1. The admin number is not reachable is there any reachable email that I can use to get them to marge me so I can pay my penalty for them to unlock my account

  52. I have been trying to confirm a payment since yesterday to no avail,I can’t even reinvest for more than two days now,its really frustrating

  53. Hello I have not yet collected my money while I have recommited.the worst of it all is that I can not view my details since yesterday after loginig in

    1. Hello I have posted my video after that my account went on fatal errors I don’t teally know the cause bcos last I checked I put everything right but now they keep saying invalid email address or uncaught error what is really happening I need help

  54. What name is the app on play store. I want to download it and can’t find wazobia investment.

  55. Good morning.
    Please, I registered yesterday and since night I have been trying to login to invest buy I can’t.
    Please, what could be the problem?

  56. I registered yesterday but now am finding it difficult to login to my account. Is the site having problems

  57. Please help oh, someone paid me. Since yesterday am trying to confirm payment but I can’t

    1. Good morning ,my accounts are long overdue due already for me to be credited but no body assigned to me , please resolve this matter

  58. Since yesterday I registered after making payment of 1000k I was told there is on going maintance till now I can’t access the website anymore

  59. I’ m finding it difficult to open the Wazobia portal since yesterday & it is not opening. Secondly, the person I paid yesterday does not want to confirm me. I’m not happy with her attitude.

    1. Pls what can I do,I confirmed payment which I have not received yesterday, tried contacting customers care but to no avail, what is d solution?

  60. Please Ive activated nd registered yesterday but if i try to login i keep getting “fatal error” what is going on

  61. I registered 2 days ago I have made my first payment and am suppose to please again in order to receive mine but I can’t log in to my account Pls help

  62. I want to pay to the people that I was ask to pay but I have been trying to login but it not going through, pls what do I do so I will not be block.

  63. Good afternoon, Pls am new here I pay the 1000 activation fee but am finding it difficult to upload the payment proud

  64. Hello, please I’m new here. I registered yesterday and wanted to view my details but can’t and I don’t know what to do. I have tried my possible best but to no avail. Please help me out

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