When Will Schools Resume In Nigeria — FG Updates

When Will Schools Resume In Nigeria — FG Updates

There have been many questions popping up about school resumption date, well this is what FG have to say about it.

Schools have been on suspension ever since the pandemic rise in Nigeria.  At first only few states were affected after Lagos State but with time, it grew to affect all the states in Nigeria.

It has been a very huge matter if concern because our children and the youth are the leaders of tomorrow. This is why the federal government have been battling and striving to see that schools and resumed and back to normal.

In recent time, Lagos State government proposed to re-open schools within the state though it is with a matter of time.  The state government have been trying to seek advice from NCDC and in collaboration with federal government. Schools cannot just open without any precautionary measures that can take care of the students and pupil’s welfare.

On this note, the federal government has this to say.

What Does The Federal Government Have To Say About School Resumption In Nigeria?

During a press briefing by the Presidential task force, on covid-19, Mr Mustapha, the chairman of the task force, assured Nigerians of reopening of schools. Nevertheless, he stated that schools would be reopened as soon as soon as healthy measures for students welfare is concluded. However, the presidential task force have been deliberating on school resumption date and withis the minister of education.

Is School Really Resuming On The 8th Of June As The Viral Rumor Stated?

Based on this popular question, I have decided to publish the real truth about school resumption on the 8th.

This article is bent on bringing only original and latest updates on school resumption to interested individuals.  Most students are usually misguided and are quick to believe whatever on the net.

The news about schools resuming on the 8th of June is only a rumor, a false rumor.

The federal government have not made any announcement yet concerning a precise date for school resumption. Though the PTF are thinking of embarking on a Two-Shift system.  Where students would have to learn twice in the morning and afternoon, but leaving evenings for now.  This is in order to meet up with the time they have lost and to gain more skills and knowledge. Teachers are advised to improve on their teaching skills and to create active methods of teaching the students upon resumption.

What Does The State Minister For Education Have To Say ?

Mr Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, the minister of education in Nigeria also had something to say at the press briefing.  He reassured Nigerian that all hands were on deck in making sure schools are resumed as soon as possible just like the churches and mosques have been reopened.

He also urged private schools to start planning out safety measures to undergo upon school resumption. Mr Chukwuemeka also disclaimed the announcement of school resumption on the 8th of June, saying it didn’t come from him.

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